The Von Neumann Personality Test

Discover your true self by following the instructions of a deranged automated psychiatrist.

Use a very special red phone to be psychoanalyzed. You will listen and play on the phone but you will also be subjected and asked to react to the output and results that appear on Von Neumann's video broadcast. It will appear as a simple test before subjects realize they can fight back.

On the Inside

The phone was gutted and outfitted with an arduino. The arduino responds to each number that is pressed and when the phone is answered or hung up. It is also outfitted with an accelerometer so the narrator can respond to players if they pick up or nudge the phone. The receiver is wired from a standard telephone cable (RJ-11) to AUX output, so all audio is heard through the receiver. An old CRT TV is involved as well. Without any video inputs other than an antenna various adapters were needed to display the video needed


Matt Hudgins carried out the overall design and programming and Peter Baker performed the voice acting.


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